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BrainPower’s Amusement Park System (APS) is a software that allows amusement parks and theme parks to manage sales transactions, track inventory, and process customer payments. These systems can also include features for equipment maintenance, accounting, human resources, and payroll. This allows for streamlined and efficient management of all aspects of the business, from tracking ticket and food sales to scheduling maintenance for rides and attractions. Additionally, the system can be integrated with accounting software to manage financial transactions and track expenses, and with HR and payroll software to manage employee information and compensation. Overall, our Integrated APS system can help amusement parks and theme parks to streamline operations, improve customer service, and increase profitability.

Brainpower Amusement park - Ticketing

Entry Ticket/ RFID Wristband/Debit Cards

  • At Park Entry Point Customer will Pay Entry Fees

System will generate (Depending upon Park Policy)

  • Bar coded Entry Ticket OR

System will issue Debit Cards OR

  • RFID wrist Bands with requisite Balance.

Group Entry

  • For Group Entries instead of Ticket, Entry Pass will be issued to each group with permitted no of entries.
  • As and when group arrives, permitted entry count can be amended on POS.

Automatically system will issue tickets as per actual entries and will close the Entry Pass for further entries.
Charge Debit Card /RFID wrist Bands

  • Customer will pay amount to be loaded on the RFID wrist band OR Debit Card to cashier
  • System will automatically reduce security deposit and balance will be available to Customer for utilization.

Brainpower Amusement park - QR code-based Access control

Brainpower Amusement park - Locker, Costume Sales & Rental

Brainpower Amusement park - Self-Service Kiosk

Brainpower Kiosk POS is simply equipped to meet the speed, quality of customer service and sales reporting. Brainpower POS serves businesses that are big and small, from a first start-up store to multi-location multiple stores. Brainpower POS can be centrally managed through our cloud sync-based application infrastructure. It provided valuable analytics and feedback at store level and company level – so you can focus on your customers, operations and business growth.

Brainpower Amusement park - Fully cashless park management

Park Entry

  • Entry point each customer ticket / Debit Card/RFID Wrist Bands is validated by scanning Ticket Bar Code/Debit Card/ RFID wrist band. • Once validated, turnstile is unlocked. Entry is permitted through turnstiles.

Group Entries

  • Entry point, Group Pass is validated by scanning Pass Bar Code/Debit Card/RFID wrist band.
  • Once validated, turnstile is unlocked and will permit approved no of entries through turnstiles. Once the count is completed turnstile will be closed for next scanning.


  • Instead of Entry Ticket, Members (in case of CRM) can swipe their membership cards.
  • Depending on the Park policy, Membership cards can be automatically blocked by the system after certain no of entries.


  • Instead of Entry Ticket, Members (in case of CRM) can swipe their membership cards.
  • Customer can use any ride by swiping his/her debit card/RFID wrist Bands on ride. Amount will be reduced from Card /RFID Wrist Bands and balance will be displayed.
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  • Ticket classification
  • Multiple price cards
  • Admission/Entry process
  • Group booking & pricing
  • Third party booking integrations
  • Online internet booking integration
  • Self-service kiosks
  • Ticket sale analysis
  • Bar code access control
Other POS Features
  • Multi POS operations
  • Central menu & price management
  • Location-wise menu mapping
  • Menu mapping with POS key pad
  • Ergonomically designed menu
  • Item hierarchy levels
  • Favourite menu mapping
  • Touch screen and desktop enabled
  • Menu mix analysis
  • Prepaid debit cards
  • Post-midnight operations support
  • Begin Day/Day end at POS
Integrated POS modules
  • Retail/merchandise
  • Food& Beverage outlets
  • Locker management
  • Costume management
  • Transport services
  • Membership/loyalty program
Integrated Hardware
  • Touch POS
  • Display systems
  • Electronic cash drawers
  • Contact less smart cards
  • RFID cards/bands
  • Turnstile
  • Credit card machines
  • Bar code readers/scanners
  • Customer pole display
Prepaid Cards/Wallet Settlement
  • Prepaid cards for settlement
  • Differential prepaid cards option
  • Option to load/recharge
  • Prepaid inventory
  • Lost card/refund lost card approval
  • Detection of fraudulent cards
  • Card associate with employee data
  • Till Management
  • Real time balance update
  • Customer wise spend analysis
  • Customer profile data
  • Guest History Maintenance
  • Group booking options
  • Demographic mapping & analysis
  • Data for campaigns
  • Auto Sms
  • Loyalty Management Schemes
  • Customer feedback integration with third party
  • Customer loyalty integration with third party
Multi Settlement types
  • Multi payment options
  • Gift Card/voucher option
  • Till management
  • Complimentary bill settlement
  • Splitting of Bills
  • Staff Permissions/Discount Authorisations
  • EOD Cashier Reports
Security & Controls
  • Multi user rights & controls
  • Differential Interface Profile for Staff
  • User defined menu mapping
  • Employee attendance
  • Audit trail logs
Central ERP Integration
  • Sales Integration with Central ERP
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Procurement
  • Warehousing
  • Finance & Accounts