Who we are?

Core team at Brainpower Technologies has been building software’s for more than 2 decades. Brainpower Technologies was established in 2006 consolidating all the software development, providing Point-of-Sale solutions and integrated Enterprise product solutions for customers in restaurant industry and FMCG manufacturing industry.
The company has since grown enhancing its development capabilities and build further products and solutions for restaurants, amusement parks, spa & salon and consumer manufacturing industry.
We have evolved with the customer requirements and technology developments building our products on Cloud based technology as well as Client-Server platform.
Brainpower products enable customers to implement the best industry practices through our skilled implementation and support resources.
Our next generation products can be integrated across other platforms, products and solutions meeting customer technology adaptions.

What we do?

Brainpower provides integrated solutions that enables Enterprises to service their Customers, Simplify Business Operations, and Implement Best Industry Practices with Insightful Business Analytics & Reporting.

Brainpower products can connect multiple outlets, warehouses, central production units and corporate office through a private Cloud based solution.

Brainpower solutions are available ‘on premises’ as well as through ‘subscription’.
We have dedicated servers at datacentres used for our private cloud based ERP, cloud sync & remote back-up services.

Our Vision:

  • Delivery value to our customers by building Integrated Software Solutions that will enable Management to make better &faster decisions through rapid presentation of all necessary information in one place.

Our Mission:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Seamless implementation
  • Enhanced analytics & reporting for business decisions